img_4240-1Now this is an interesting topic to explore and one that I’ve been asked to give a class on early  in 2017………

Ok, we all know that everyone judges by First Impressions regardless of the context of that Judgement. In other words people judge each other  from the way they generally look and carry themselves all the time. We do it every day and not just from a fashion point of view but from a status and lifestyle view as well.

How many of us ladies are super impressed by a well dressed man in a sharp suit and a toned body underneath…….All OF  US ……most likely. And how many guys are bowled over by a pretty girl in a fab dress………..I don’t even need to answer that one folks….

However, there’s a more sinister side to all of this and one that I only recently became aware of..

Not everyone gets a fair chance to make a first Good Impression be it for whatever reason. Poverty, low self esteem, mental health issues and a myriad of other reasons can all prevent people from letting their best selves shine through.

Its human nature to judge by appearance’s and though sometimes those first Impressions can be inaccurate they are generally all we have to go on when it comes to meeting strangers for the first time. I recently came across a video on Utube and was struck by the harsh truth of Human Nature and how cruel we can be. Its a video about the reactions of the general public to a man in crutches who falls on the street. Its an actor and is an experiment he was carrying out on how we constantly judge by appearance. He falls the first time dressed as a business man in a neat suit and is helped by several people. In the second experiment he falls again but this time dressed in the oversized baggage of a homeless man……………… I don’t think I need to explain the reactions to the second fall…………….Do I????????     YES…………NO ONE HELPS HIM!………. Have a look

We all like to make as good a first Impression as we can , especially if it helps us to get further along our life Journey . Be it that Job we really want or that cute guy we ladies  want to Impress. First Impressions work better when we know who we truly are. Personal style is a key factor to making a comfortable and gracious first Impression. Its got nothing to do with being fashionable really and everything to do with knowing who you truly are.

Personal style and making a good first Impression are inter connected and are 100% successful when combined together. When I think of who I am I always think of quirky hats and also my love of colour.  Most of all I think of how I’m fearless of it and how much fun I have with it.


This is who I am and  how I’ve built my personal style over the years. It hasn’t always been easy. As a teenager coming from a rural town in Ireland I was lambasted for wearing anything that didn’t fit in with the norm. I was bullied and called names but I never backed down . I knew I would feel worse if I simply gave in and dressed like everyone else and more importantly I knew I’d be miserable about it. So I continued despite the name calling  and eventually moved to the city where I blended more effortlessly.

Whats your personal style?……….. Have you found it?…………. Have you had similar experiences as I have?……….. Would love to know your thoughts………..



3 thoughts on “Lasting Impressions!

  1. It just goes to show that sadly as a species we are programmed to judge a book by its cover and it is wrong. So sad that they didn’t help him out when he was acting as a homeless man.


  2. First impressions matters alot but nowadays people are not interested in that as a few fakes get to impress on the firsr and become wild and uncontrollable after.


  3. Unfortunately rural areas can be a bit stifling for creative types! When I was a teenager, family and teachers kept trying to steer me towards a teaching career even though I was clearly obsessed with art and fashion! 😛 You look great as always Kathryn, never change! 🙂


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