My upcycled Boiler House !
My upcycled Boiler House !

So I’m posting the first of my many upcycled projects today. These projects mainly consist of old antique and solid wooden furniture that nobody wants anymore. Being a “sucker” for any under-dog ,YES even a sorry chest or forlorn sideboard I can’t resist the challenge to make it sparkle again.

This first upcycling post is not an “usual” one. What I mean to say is ,its not an old shabby object but in fact A WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes I upcycled my boiler house side wall last summer.Ha ha! I was fed up watching the rainy rust marks form repeatedly again and again on the white paint that was already there.

I did my research on Pinterest and decided a “tree” of some kind best suited the space. I played around with ideas and then just “Let go” and my fingers did the rest.

For paint I visited the Paint and Decor Centre in Stillorgan. Its by far the best place for specialist paints. I needed exterior paint in vibrant colours and basic black.

The mural turned out to my liking and I now have an extended “Pink Theme” right through my garden. (Not for you guys who haven’t discovered your feminine side yet!!!) Its a great garden colour as is any vibrant hue . It warms the garden all year round with its cheery pink hue. There’s nothing nicer than a bright colour beaming from the bottom of your garden on a freezing wintery day.

It also deals with the summer problem of not being “green fingered” as it alone adds plenty of summer colour. Unfortunately I don’t have a “before” picture to show you as I hadn’t started my blog and didn’t see the need. I’ll be posting more pictures of the rest of my colour themed garden in a future post.

Hope you enjoy the pics and gain some inspiration of your own. Love Violinkit XXXXXXXXIMG_0047 (1)

The design cleverly disguises the gas vents and baskets that are jutting out from the wall. They almost disappear into the tree. The paint has weathered really well. This cheers me up on a dark rainy day. Bye for now XXXXXXViolinkit

4 thoughts on “Upcycling!

  1. Yes Ana I did. I’ve been painting since I was a child and I suppose I’m a self taught artist. I paint in Acrylics and tend to paint using very vivid and strong colours. That was my first wall mural. Great fun! xxx


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